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2138 W. 17th St.
Long Beach, CA 90813

Tel: (855) 313-WECO

Fax: (562) 432-6570

​​Weco has been making quality aquarium products for nearly three generations. Established in 1947, Weco was born with the philosophy that a healthy fish is a happy fish.


Every aquarium and pond owner has been faced with green water or algae, which means there has always been a need for an algicide to make the job of keeping a fish tank easier. Weco's very own Algicide is the only brand able to carry this name

because Weco was the first to file and receive protection for this product way back when.

When a need arose to neutralize chlorine and chloramine from municipal water, Weco was at the forefront over 65 years ago.


Today, many aquarists and pet stores still teach their customers to "dechlor" their water. The original logo for dechlor still remains and is recognized by many

to this day.


In 2013,  Weco began a new chapter in our history book by expanding into other fundamental aquarium products. From our humble beginnings over 65+ years ago to our very bright future, Weco's quality and ingenuity remains unmatched. 


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