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Weco's SOUTH PACIFIC Coral Ornaments allow you to create your own saltwater reef without harming fragile corals. Our corals are replicated from an authentic coral head and made with our proprietary poly-urethane formula. These fine replications offer the realism of authentic coral from the ocean, but will not crack or chip like real coral. South Pacific corals are bendable and flexible. Each of our corals are one solid color throughout. There is no exterior paint that will flake off - ever. It's colorfast! It's trouble free! Vivid color through and through! 

Retailers and Aquarium Service Professionals: How many times has a customer said,"I want that in my house!" but because the coral pieces you used in your display are all one-of-a-kind, you can't actually replicate the same exact thing? With our South Pacfic coral ornaments, you can create a colorful, no-hassle reef display AND you can keep selling that look again and again. When a customer comes in and says that they love your set-up, now you can tell them that the exact same look can be theirs thanks to South Pacific!

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