DeChlor is the highest quality dechlorinator available. Over 60 years of experience is packaged into each bottle we produce. DeChlor is scientifically formulated to protect your fish and aquatic plants from the harmful effects of chlorine and even metals in everyday tap water. Chlorine is instantly removed and chloramines and toxic heavy metals are neutralized. This results in tap water that is safe for your pond, or fresh or saltwater aquarium.
Aqua Derm
Aqua-Derm is a scientifically-formulated concentrate to provide a synthetic slime coat that will help protect fish from stress and injury due to mating, fighting, contact with pond substrate, netting, handling, or transporting fish. If skin abrasions are present, Aqua-Derm creates a protective bandage over the affected areas that will help resist opportunistic disease organisms, aid the natural healing process and reduce loss of electrolytes from the wound site.
Water Conditioning Kit
It's two of WECO's best-selling products in one, making it the Complete Water Conditioning Kit!
Wonder Shell
Made of natural materials, Wonder Shell provides beneficial minerals and electrolytes to aquarium water. Each shell oxygenates, aerates and neutralizes harmful acids in your aquarium water and provides invertebrates with an easily available source of calcium for healthy shell growth. Molded like a scallop shell, Wonder Shell's decorative shape fits right in with the rest of your aquarium's decor.
Gulf Sea Salt
Gulf Sea Salt provides beneficial electrolytes and enhances water quality - the perfect ingredient to soothe and reduce stress in your fish, as well as maintain healthy gill functions during times of stress or disease.
Nox-Ich is your answer to killing external parasites upon contact. It is especially effective against the common occurring parasite, ICH. Add just one drop per gallon to eliminate unwanted visitors to your aquarium. Nox-Ich is also effective against Velvet, Fin Rot, Chilondonella, Trichondina as well as many forms of fungi.
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